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Library Renovation Plan

The WWPL Board of Trustees voted at the February 2012 board meeting to move forward with a renovation, space reallocation and addition to the existing facility.

What happens next?

JUNE UPDATE: On June 15, 2013, the Groundbreaking Ceremony was held. Tree removal and excavation began a few days later.

The construction trailer arrived June 21, 2013, and was located at the south end of the parking lot.

Progress History

The Westfield City Council by law has to approve any bonds issued by the Library Board. Once that approval has been granted the library board will proceed to sell bonds in the amount of $2,000,000. Any amount needed to complete the project above that amount will be raised independently of the bond.

At the City Council Meeting on May 14th, 2012 we formally presented our proposal. Although they had the opportunity to vote on the issue, they decided to postpone the vote on the Bonds. Some of the Council would like to have more public input. We will be going in front of the Council again on June 11, 2012 at 7:00 PM at City Hall. There will be opportunity for the public to speak.

JUNE 2012 UPDATE: Resolution 12-104: Library Issuance of Bonds was on the agenda of the City Council meeting. Members of the council wanted to hear from the public before they voted and we are happy to report that a dozen or so residents got up and spoke in our favor. The council also noted that they received many emails in support of this project. After expressing their concerns, the council voted in favor (5-1) of passing the resolution!

OCTOBER UPDATE: The library renovation/addition project is moving along very quickly. At the October 15, 2012 meeting, the Westfield Washington Advisory Plan Committee approved our submitted design.

The WWPL staff, building committee members, architects, interior designers and construction managers have all been meeting every other week to finalize the interior, exterior and site plans. The library board is scheduled to approve Construction Documents and Estimates at a special board meeting October 31, 2012. We hope to break ground the first part of December and hope the entire project is completed by this time next year. This is a very exciting time at the library.

The Westfield Washington Public Library Foundation was established summer of 2012 in anticipation of a fundraising campaign to help with the furniture and equipment needed for this project. We hope to be able to furnish the addition with the bond proceeds but may need some help with refurbishing and/or replacing the existing furniture. A wish list is being developed in case you would like your donation to go to something specific.

Westfield Washington Schools have agreed to share parking with the Library. The Library will put up signs designating overflow parking for the Library and the Westfield High School in the Northeast parking lot of the Middle School.

NOVEMBER UPDATE: The library board passed a resolution for an additional appropriation from the Rainy Day Fund to pay bills relating to the Renovation/Addition Project. These funds will be reimbursed from the bond money when it's received. The interior designers gave a presentation to the board on the carpets and finishes for the renovation portion of the project. The architect presented updated elevations and floor plans. The architect, Mike Thomas, Mic Mead and Sheryl Sollars attended the Advisory Plan Commission meeting on October 1, at which a public hearing on the project was held. The public hearing went well, and a few questions from the board were asked and answered. There are few revisions to the plan, so approval is expected at the October 15 meeting. The library board adopted the final Bond Resolution. The design team continues to meet and finalize the plans. We hope to go out to bid the first of November and break ground sometime at the beginning of December.

DECEMBER UPDATE: The library renovation and addition project continues to move forward. The library board will be receiving and publicly opening bids on Tuesday November 27. They hope to award the construction bid at the November 28, 2012 special board meeting. The bonds will be sold on Wednesday December 5, 2012. The building committee, architects, interior designers and construction managers continue to tweak the project. We hope to begin construction in early 2013.

JANUARY 2013 UPDATE: The bids on for the construction project were publicly open on November 27, 2012. The bids were compiled by Meyer Najem. The bids came in over budget. At the November 28, 2012 special board meeting, the board decided to reduce the scope of the project and rebid. At the December 12, 2012 meeting, Meyer Najem and Mike Halstead proposed cost reduction alternatives for the library board to consider. The library board decided to eliminate the east side of the addition on both levels. This will keep the community room/multipurpose room, expand the children's area, keep the dedicated teen area and completely renovate the existing building. Some things will be bid out as alternates and be added back in to the project if they will fit in the budget. The project will put this out to bid late February or Early March, with construction beginning in March or April.

The bonds were sold to J.J.B.Hilliard and W.L. Lyons, LLC. Umbaugh (the library's financial advisors) was very pleased with the bid. Interest on the bonds willbe 1.7071%. The estimated interest rate was 3%. This interest will save the tax payers approximately $230,000 over the life of the 10 year bonds. The closing is scheduled for Thursday, December 20, 2012.

FEBRUARY UPDATE: The renovation/addition project will be going out for rebid in mid-February. We are still on target for a spring ground breaking. The scope of the project was reduced somewhat. The library board decided to eliminate the portion of the addition on the south east side of the building. The portion would have extended the adult nonfiction/biography section and a lower level storage and mechanical area. The Library Board passed a Resolution establishing the Non-Resident Fee for 2013. The fee is $63.00.

MARCH UPDATE: The final construction documents will be received and reviewed bythe library board on February 20. The library board will approve the documents at the March 12, 2013 board meeting. The notice to bidders will be advertised on March 14 and March 21. The public bid opening will be held at the Library on Thursday April 4, 2013 at 2 p.m. The library board plans to award contracts at the April 10, 2013 board meeting, and we hope to break ground on or about May 1, 2013.

JUNE UPDATE: On June 15, 2013, the Groundbreaking Ceremony was held. Tree removal and excavation began a few days later.